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KZ-19/16 Disintegration figure

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1、    Note: infuse 5-10 drops in the air inlet port white oil (also called sewing machine oil) idling 30 seconds before operation or going off work: every day.   

2、   Fill the lubricator with 22# steam turbine

Oil to keep a quantity of lubricating oil in the motor and the cylinder when the

Motor is running.The oil must drop through the lubricator at a rate of 40 drops to 60 drops per minute,if some drops can be filled into the tool directly before daily

Operation,the operation will be successful.

Adjusting the air pressure within the range of 0.4—0.6Mpa to obtain enough air pressure,otherwise, the bundling quality will be affected.

 Clean the lubricator and the filter with Kerosene at least one time in three month during operation.Drain       the water from the filiter daily.

Be careful of the interval which is 0.5-0.7mm between the feed wheel and the gyrowheel,otherwise,it should be adjusted.Eliminate the iron fillings on the feedwheel in time.

Some problems may arise

Because of wearing,environmental pollution and lack of lurication.Soit is important to spot and eliminate the breakdown.The following will be of great help to your repair work and will not influence your production and will save your precious time to call for help of the manufacture.