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KZ-32/19 exploded view of tool and maintenance way

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Operation and maintenance description of pneumatic steel strapping tool              

1.     The packing machine can be horizontally or vertically hung on the rotatable and movable beam by using a balancer or heavy-duty spring. It can be randomly positioned for both top and bottom operation, so the packaging tool has a certain working space (Note: The separated steel band packing machine needs no balancer, spring or other hanging equipment).
2. No use of any combustible gas permitted when using this machine. The compressed air source must be pass through the oil-water separator
air filter, pressure regulator valve and atomized lubricator. It is best to use an air hose with an outer diameter of 12mm and inner diameter of 8mm which can work under a pressure of 0.9MPa. In addition, the atomized lubricator is filled with 22# turbine oil or 60-100# spindle oil. 3. The maximum working length of the hose is 10m and it can work ideally within the length of 5m. 4. The normal working clearance under the pressure of the friction wheel of the packing machine is 0.1-0.3mm. 5. All of its moving parts should be kept lubricated.
II. Repair and maintenance: (Please refer to the following characteristics and trouble analysis in the event of fault)
1. Inadequate locking force
A. There are worn or deformed parts which require replacement. B. There is foreign matter in the cylinder which hinders the motion of the piston on the surface of the cylinder. If this is the case, remove, clean and reinstall the cylinder. C. The piston can not move back up due to leakage in the reversing valve, which causes low air pressure in the sealed cylinder. If this is the case, the O ring of the tip should be replaced.
2. Inadequate tightening force
A. The cob webbing of the feed-in pinch roller surface is worn and needs replacement. B. The gap between the feed-in pinch roller and the pad roller is not correct, and thus needs to be adjusted.
C. The blade inside the pneumatic motor is worn and should be replaced. D. There is leakage in the reversing valve, which causes low air pressure in the air motor. If this is the case, the seal should be replaced in accordance with the check result.
3. Inadequate shear strength
A. The blade is worn. B. Check for normal working pressure. C. The force for shearing steel bands comes from the sealed cylinder. Please refer to the Malfunction phenomenon. D. Check the blocking operation.
4.. Air passage check:
A. Check that the air pressure is not less than 0.4MPa. B. If the air supply is not sufficient, check the air supply hose for clogging due to oil or leakage.
C. Regularly check the filter and pressure regulator. Water accumulated in the oil-water separator should be drained away periodically. D. Check the oil drips of the atomized lubricator. If the oil lacks grease, inject a proper amount of 22# turbine oil.
5.. List of easily-worn parts:
A. Friction wheel. B. Cutting blade. C. Clamping piece. D. Complete seals. E. Vane. F. Revolving gear.

   Note: infuse 5-10 drops in the air inlet port white oil (also called sewing machine oil) idling 30 seconds before operation or going off work: every day.